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Vegetarian Diet Pyramid

One of the best diet ever is being a vegetarian. There were Straight Edge kids in the world who practise vegetarian as diet or even further to veganism as for ethical purposes. However, this still mark to each individuals to have their choice whether to go vegetarian or not. Here are a basic glance of vegetarian diet pyramid, view the chart and learn something from this.

Many vegetarian eating plans exist. At the very least, they exclude red meat, chicken and fish. Some vegetarian diets also exclude eggs and milk products. This Vegetarian Diet Pyramid shows a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. It features whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and includes moderate amounts of nuts and seeds, soy, egg whites, dairy products and plant oils.



most people rejected Straight Edge with a reason like "I am devoted religious person, so I don't need Straight Edge". At the first place, Straight Edge is not a religion. Although Straight Edge embraces some of the moral values held by most major religion, it's only act as philosophy that we hold with our life. "Why we need education? Why we got to go to school? Why we have to be polite to our parents? Why are we human?" is all the question that we should ourselves. All of it exactly went to a positive path, so does Straight Edge. It is only a weak excuses for some of the people to reject Straight Edge as they, themselves do consume alcohol, doing drugs and promiscuity (which is illegal to most of the religion - if they would like to do debate on this) while smoking can be considered as long term suicide process (which is also prohibited).


the basic starting point of living yourself as Straight Edge is to held a complete positive lifestyle, which is back in the early days, it's always about not smoking, not consuming alcohol beverages, not doing drugs or promiscuity WHILE veganism/vegetarianism is an extended or logical point of view where most of them are doing it for ethical reason. You can also find people who are vegan/vege who aren't Straight Edge so does vice versa. So, your eating appetite is still your choices.


Sex is a need for every humanity, so do Straight Edgers. But surely, it's require a big responsibility before you decided to get laid and have sexual intercourses. There were tons of diseases causes by promiscuity or casual sexual behavior, most of it were deadly. It's need a mature mind and preparation before every individuals to have sex. In short, Straight Edge kids do have sex - but not having it for casual purposes.


Straight Edge itself is about promoting a positive and healthier lifestyle, so it's doesn't associate with any kind of gang or mobs. Be assure that every kids still remember on the real purposes.


not necessary. you can be metal, indie or any other music fans coz Straight Edge is about leading to your positive lifestyle. Some artist from metal, nu metal, pop music have considered themselves as Straight Edge as well. So, music is not an issue here.


this probably the worst assumption that everyone have made on Straight Edge. As being positive, it doesn't mean fascism should get involved. Straight Edge kids also make friends with others, it's doesn't matter whether they are taking the edge or not.


What is Straight Edge?

Straight Edge is a more philosophical offshoot of the punk movement, a reaction to the hedonism and self-destruction that characterised punk. The basic tenet of the philosophy centres around the issue of self-control. The goal is to regain as much personal control over your own life as possible. sXe is the only youth counter-culture to actively discourage drug use, alcohol use, and casual sex. Straight edge is a lifestyle centred around personal development and well being, while encouraging fun and togetherness. sXe is not just about being into contemporary punk music acts and being against drugs. It goes deeper than this. The movement wishes to attract people away from dependancy lifestyles centred around drug habits (legal or illegal) and unhealthy and exploitative eating and general living habits common in modern cultures. sXe is not dogmatic, there are no hard rules, these are for you to decide. Nobody should dictate like the police, or preach an ideology like the church or state.

Where Does the Name Straight Edge Come From?

According to legend, the drummer for Minor Threat [Jeff Nelson], one of the first bands to preach the "stay punk, stay clean" ethos, ...was drawing a poster for a show using a wood ruler. He commented to his bandmates that the ruler's straight edge was a metaphor for their lifestyle.

What are the lyrics to the song, "Straight Edge"?

Straight Edge by Minor Threat 1981

I'm a person just like you,
But I've got better things to do,
Than sit around and fuck my head,
Hang out with the living dead.
Snort white shit up my nose,
Pass out at the shows.
I don't even think about speed,
That's something I just don't need

I've got the straight edge

I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do
Than sit around and smoke dope
'Cause I know I can cope
Laugh at the thought of eating ludes
Laugh at the thought of sniffing glue
Always gonna keep in touch
Never want to use a crutch

I've got the straight edge

What are the X's for?

A common practice at all-ages punk shows was to mark minors with an "X" on their hands so they couldn't buy alcohol. As the straight-edge philosophy grew popular, punkers who were older than 18 but didn't drink for ideological reasons started to mark themselves with the X in a show of solidarity.

What does sXe mean?

sXe is really just an acronym for straight-edge with the X thrown for good measure. It is pronounced, "sexy".
(That's a joke, guys).

Is Straight Edge a religion?

No. Although sXe embraces some of the moral values held by most major religions, sXe'ers don't necessarily believe in a God. There is no organised church or worship service. However, some sXe'ers are members of organised churches, temples or mosques where they feel that the sXe beliefs fit in. Straight Edgers say their life choices stem from a desire to be true to themselves and not from any religious beliefs.

How do I join the straight edge?

You don't join straight-edge, you take on the straight-edge. You just get involved in the scene and start thinking for yourself. The idea is to closely examine your own life, identify what factors influence your thoughts and behaviours, assess what impact they are having on your life and rid yourself of those factors which you deem to have a negative impact on your life.

Why do you need a label to be poison free?

The label shows you're actually serious about what you're saying and that you're not making any exceptions (although there is lots of hypocrisy, but this is ideally speaking). It's also a commitment thing, something to believe in.

Why give yourself a title?

This is something I (and no doubt many other edgers) get asked quite frequently. No matter how I try to explain it, the majority of people still do not understand why I wish to give myself a title/label. Someone in the forums, however, posted a good explanation. So here, thanks to fustiar himself, is an explanation of why lots of us give ourselves the title of "Straight Edge".

"why are we straight edge? why are you human? straight edge is a philosophy, but how are you supposed to explain it to others? do you wait until you're forced into a social situation and then say "i don't drink" or wait until someone thinks you're a drug addict to tell them "i don't do drugs" or can you just say "i'm straight edge" and give them an idea of your beliefs as a whole? you have to realize its a whole lot more convenient to say "straight edge" rather than "not a drinker, not a druggie, doesn't smoke, not a 'slut' (i use the term loosely)" educated people will know, or inquire, or will look it up. its a way of life. its also a way of bonding together, comradery, so to speak. its not an elitists club but the basis of the philosophy is that the choice you make is for the better. why 'label' yourself? why are communists communists? there are countless 'labels' you probably apply to yourself based on your beliefs (im speaking in general), why should we be exempt or be thought odd because we do the same?"

Is straight-edge about politics?

Although sXe is not inherently political, politics are a logical extension of an sXe lifestyle. Once you have regained control over your life, the desire to help others and to make a positive contribution to your culture, society, community by addressing issues of social justice is a very natural thing to do. Many sXe'ers join organisations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and SADD (Students Against Drunk Drivers). They also encourage friends to give up drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

Is taking caffeine straight-edge?

Most straight edgers seem to feel that caffeine is not an issue, whilst some do. So you can't really say that taking it is or isn't straight edge. Like a lot of straight edge, it's more about what you feel is right for you, rather than trying to adhere to some strict set of rules.

Don't most stop being straight-edge when they reach drinking age?

Some people do lose the edge once they reach drinking age; but if they do they were never straight edge to begin with.

Do straight-edge kids have sex at all?

In short yes. However, most sxe kids will wait until they are ready to take on the responsibility of a serious relationship.

I used to drink and do drugs, can I still be sXe?

No problems about the past! It's all about the now. Otherwise noone could ever be SXE. But one thing that you should do before taking the edge is consider that it's for life so don't just play with it. It's not just a phase... Other sxers will accept you if you're true from now on.

Is straight edge a crutch for the weak?

You have to question what the weakness is. Do straight edgers not drink caffeine because they've got weak bladders? Don't touch alcohol because they have poor metabolisms? Don't smoke because they have poor lung capacity? What are the advantages to using drugs that one's level of consciousness? More often that not, drugs are used to facilitate social interactions by altering normal behavior and mood. If somebody needs an outside agent to interact, that sounds like more of a crutch.

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" if you guys doesn't like or just want to fuck up on this blog please press (Alt-F4).

Straight Edge, sXe, or edge, is a subculture that started in the hardcore punk culture and has moved into many other culture over the years. There is no way to look straight edge, most are writing this blog just because i want totell you guys who is straight edge,what they wearing, and how to act like a true Straight Edgers. This is the guidelines for the NEW COMERS of Straight Edgers. What ever you just read from this blog, make sure you guys understand what did im writng in here.

In here im taking a serious about to tell the whole Malaysia about Straight edge. What is it? Who was it? Whose involved? Where is it? I take along time and it is about 2 years im searching for all the answer above. But now , i'll try to find the way how to make this culture to change our world. Make the malaysian youth change from now and try to make a matured decision about anything.In this blog im just tell people what is straight edge with the simplest way and easiest way for people to getting involved or be a part of straight edge. Because Im in a process to make a book about Straight Edge in Malaysia. But it takes along time to make it, it is because I got to take an experients inside of malaysian straight edge, and still have to study about it, and still got to study more about straight edge from the whole world and the most thing I got to study is the movement of FSU and any community of straight edge."


Straight edge is a life long commitment to abstain absolutely from all forms of recreational drugs including alcohol and cigarettes, and, depending on where you are from and personal definition of the term, to abstain from promiscuous sex.

These are the only guidelines for straight edge; all other lifestyle choices such as diet, religion, and political views are all optional disciplines often associated with straight edge.

Straight edge is an independent philosophy and is not directly associated with any creed, trend, music, sexual preference, religion or principle. The ONLY requirements of adopting a straight edge lifestyle is lifelong abstention from drugs and, depending on where you are from and personal definition of the term, promiscuous sex.

The straight edge oath is one for life, taken to the grave (til¡¦ death). Straight edge is not for everyone. Straight edge is not flexible. Straight edge is a radical commitment to stay free of addiction and the destructive escapism common to society for your entire life. The Straight edge scene is an open-minded scene and open to many different ideas. Specifically the definition of what is and is not "promiscuous sex" as it may differ from person to person. If you cannot maintain this promise until death, it is not for you.

Im serious about this. Because I'll fight for this promise inside from my heart and soul until my last single breath.


  • -Shirt or any other black/grey shirt will do, optionally with sXe stencil

  • -Straight edge tattoo i didnt mean it actually.

  • -X'd up hands

(by tattoo or marked its up to you im not forcing you guys to make a tatoo, you can think with your own brain).

  • -Camo shorts, bought as shorts, basketball shorts are also widely worn. Jeans can be slim, but not too tight. You don't want to look like a scene kid, your mortal enemy, and for boys absolutely NO GIRL PANTS EVER (you thing u are emo? wearing girls pants).

  • -If you are girls you gurlzys can wear your pants girls !!.

  • -Sport sneakers/low top skate shoes. But just about any kind will do.

  • -X-swatch (only if you wanna buy it from e-Bay :P ).

  • -Know your own history.

  • -Get straight edge friends.i think in this STREETERS MILITARY you will find them.

  • -Listen to the right music. (Recommended Band "Minor Threat, Second Combat, Miles Away, Comeback Kid, and Some straight edge bands you might want to check out and especially read the lyrics of are, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Trial, xDiscipleX A.D., Floorpunch, Brother's Keeper, Slapshot, Warzone, One King Down, Strife, Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Gorilla Biscuits, The Promise, Youth of Today, Over My Dead Body and Good Clean Fun. A couple of other seminal hardcore bands which don'¦t specifically promote the straight edge philosophy but do promote positive ethics include Sick Of It All, Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-mags, Shai Hulud, Bane, Biohazard, Reach The Sky, , Shutdown, Raised Fist and Madball. Google is your friend is it?.")

  • -Don't act edge when you're not. what !! you thought being the SxE you were hot????

  • -Acting like an asshole wont take you far.
  • -Stay true, act true, and be true.
  • -Positive Attitude
  • -Knowledge of History

All from above is what Straight Edge Wear and do . But im not finished yet Friends!!. some of new comers of straight edge, cant stop from smoking but easy to stop from drinking an alcohol and easy to stop taking a poison/DRUGS. and this is what i mean about

  • -Drink one beer and you'll be a sellout.

  • -Take any poison/drug you will fight with 100 of us and beware

  • -smoking ?? dont be straight edge motherfucker !!

  • -Loads of people dislike straight edgers because of the "narrow minded" view.

  • -Edge is considered to be a gang in many states because of its violent tendencies.
    • If the police tag you as a gang member you will have a very difficult time.
    • in Malaysia, Straight Edge is not tagged to be a gang members yet.

I MEAN IT !!!!!!

Check out some video over here :

Inside Straight Edge

all the video above will leads you guys about the history of straight edges.

Now you guys know how to be Straight Edge right? Straight edge is not a bad culture for me it is because we were fighting for a good things. we didnt smoke, we didnt take drugs, we didnt drink alcohol. we just a youth who want to change the world. knowing our history. this will make a long time for me to brings the Straight Edge to all over Malaysia. i am writing this blog just because Xmatt BostonX from K.L mosh want me to tell all over malaysia about the guidelines for the new comers of straight edgers. im really appreciated it from him. I really know about his proudeness to be the

one of the Malaysian Straight Edgers. i will fight for this culture until i die !!!

btw thanx for XirazahranX who always stay at my back and support me what ever I do.




Straight Edge adalah gaya hidup yang menghalang para belia daripada penyalahgunaan dadah termasuk menghalang mereka menghisap rokok atau meminum minuman keras. Disini juga straight edge mendisplinkan diri dari melakukan seks sebarangan atau hubungan sejenis semakin lama semakin ramai para belia yang berfikiran kotor untuk melakukan hubungan sejenis. Ia sangat menjijikan betul tak???

Langkah yang betul bagi mereka yang ingin mengenali straight edge ini dengan mendedikasikan straight edge dengan gaya hidup menjaga pemakanan, agama mereka, dan politik bagi menggambarkan bahawa straight edge merupakan sesuatu yang sihat.

Straight Edge adalah falsafah atau prinsip hidup yang bebas ( independent ) dan bukannya terus menerus bergantung kepada mana mana pegangan atau kepercayaan saya harap anda dapat membezakan antara ajaran sesat dan gaya hidup. Saya masih lagi di dalam pegangan islam saya. Straight edge juga Tidak terus menerus bergantung kepada musik , trend, hubungan seks yang betul, agama atau kepercayaan. Perkara yang perlu ada dalam diri sekiranya ingin menjadi Straight Edge ialah menghindarkan diri dari dadah, bergantung kepada sejarah hidup anda yang terpenting dan definasi diri, dan jauh dari hubungan seks rambang , sejenis , bebas nak senang hubungan seks yang tidak seberapa yang betul.

Sumpah Straight Edge yang tersemat didalam hati cuma satu sahaja iaitu "taken to the grave" (berjuang sehingga mati). Straight Edge bukannya untuk semua orang. Ia juga bukan flexible. Straight Edge satu gaya hidup yang bebas dari ketagihan, dan bebas dari sesuatu yang dapat menghancurkan diri sendiri dan sepenting pentingnya tidak mengadakan seks bebas. Straight Edge scene ialah budaya yang open – minded dan banyak idea yang akan datang bagi generasi – generasi baru..sekiranya anda tidak dapat menunaikan janji – janji straight edge sehinga anda mati. Anda tidak sesuai untuk menjadi sebahagian dari mereka.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Sekiranya anda tidak berminat langsung tentang apa yang hendak saya tuliskan disini I atau bagi anda pernyataan ini membuat anda tidak selesa sila tekan (alt-F4) bagi memuaskan hati anda. Straight Edge, SxE atau Edge satu budaya dimana ianya bermula dari budaya hardcore punk yang telah berubah dari semasa ke semasa. Bukan mudah bagi mereka yang boleh menjadi Straight Edge dengan mudah. Ianya sangat menjengkelkan bagi individu yang masih tidak mengenali tentang gaya hidup ini.
Saya menulis blog ini semata – mata atau dengan tekad dari hati saya sendiri ingin memperjuangkan gaya hidup Straight Edge ini kepada para belia yang ada di tanah Malaysia ini supaya mereka dapat mengubah dunia kepada pemikiran yang positive daripada menjadi seseorang yang musnah kehidupan mereka dan tiada masa depan. Sekali lagi saya ingin menyatakan bahawa saya menulis blog ini kepada individu yang baru dan mahu menjadi sebahagian dari kelompok Straight Edge ini.
Saya disini mengharapkan sangat dari pembaca supaya fokus kepada apa yang saya tulis dan saya tidak mahu sebarang kesilapan dari pembaca yang membuatkan anda salah faham tentang apa yang ditulis dalam blog ini.
Berikan tumpuan sepenuhnya.Di sini saya mengambil serius tentang penyebaran gaya hidup Straight Edge ini kepada seluruh masyarakat malaysia dan para belia tentang apa itu Straight Edge? Siapa yang terlibat? Dari mana datangnya?saya mengambil masa yang agak lama untuk mengkaji tentang Straight Edge ini kira-kira hampir
2 tahun saya mengambil masa untuk mendalami apa yang saya kaji dan apa itu tujuan sebenar straight edge ini. Saya juga mengambil masa yang lama untuk mengambil risiko untuk menyebarkan budaya Straight Edge ini. Saya mencari jalan bagaimana untuk mengubah dunia dan para belia tentang gaya hidup straight edge ini. Saya disini ingin memahamkan para belia tentang dunia straight edge dengan cara yang paling mudah sekali dan mudah untuk difahami. Kerana saya masih lagi dalam proses membuat buku tentang Malaysian Straight Edge dan masih banyak lagi yang masih saya perlu belajar, diantaranya semangat straight edge di Boston, pergerakan FSU dan banyak lagi.

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  • T-shirt kelabu/hitam kalau boleh ada lambang SxE kalau x boleh plain t shirt pon sesuai gak.
  • Tatoo tidak bermaksud untuk melakukannya jika anda seorang muslim
  • X ditangan mase gig boleh la kalau kat luar tanah Malaysia ni orang masih tak boleh terima lagi. So jangan terlalu teruja ok.
  • Seluar pendek, seluar bola pon ok macam trademark SB an. Jeans straight cut/ slim cut tidak terlalu ketat ok? Bukan skinhead ke emo ke nak ketat2 jangan pakai seluar pompuan!!!
  • Kalau perempuan pakai la
  • Berkawan la dengan Straigt Edgers
  • Dengar music yang betul yang membawa maksud – maksud yang positif seperti:

"Minor Threat, Second Combat, Miles Away, Comeback Kid, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Trial, xDiscipleX A.D., Floorpunch, Brother's Keeper, Slapshot, Warzone, One King Down, Strife, Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Gorilla Biscuits, The Promise, Youth of Today, Over My Dead Body and Good Clean Fun. A couple of other seminal hardcore bands which don't specifically promote the straight edge philosophy but do promote positive ethics include Sick Of It All, Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-mags, Shai Hulud, Bane, Biohazard, Reach The Sky, , Shutdown, Raised Fist and Madball. Google rakan anda"

  • Jangan berlagak Straight Edge sekiranya anda bukan Straight Edge.
  • Berlagak pailang, barua memang tak lame la hidup tu
  • Jadi diri kamu yang sebenar, berlagak seperti diri kamu (just be yourself)
  • Sikap Yang Positive
  • Moshing dengan ketegaran
  • Knowledge korang tentang sejarah diri sendiri

Saya belum habis lagi, sebenarnya menjadi Straight Edge bukan satu perkara yang mudah untuk diterima sekiranya anda ialah dulunya seorang kaki botol, perokok tegar, banyak melakukan seks bebas, pastinya perkara ini mendorong ke arah ketagihan. Maka carilah doktor yang boleh mengubatinya sekiranya semangat juang anda tinggi.

Dan sekarang ialah amaran sekiranya and telah menjadi seorang Straight Edgers

  • Sekiranya anda meminum satu tin beer anda bukan sebahagian dari kami
  • Mengambil sebarang racun/dadah anda akan bertemu dengan 100 SxE
  • Merokok ? da la keluar dari culture yang positive ni
  • Membawa mereka yang tidak menyukai Straight Edge ke dalam komuniti

Saya maksudkannya!!!

Cuba lihat video video di bawah :

Straight Edge bukan lah satu budaya yang buruk bagi saya ianya budaya yang dapat menggegarkan dunia dengan perkara perkara yang positive. Kita berjuang ke arah kebaikan dimana kita membawa satu perkara yang dapat mengubah para belia. Kami tidak meggunakan dadah untuk moshing, kita tidak memerlukan rokok untuk lepaskan tekanan . kami tidak memerlukan alcohol untuk bergembira. Kami hanya belia yang cuba untuk mengubah dunia melalui dunia underground. Dan ini akan mengambil masa yang agak lama untuk memperjuangkan budaya Straight Edge ini kepada belia malaysia. Disini juga saya ingin berterima kasih kepada Xmatt BostonX dari komuniti K.L MOSH yang banyak memberi kesedaran kepada kami untuk memperjuangkan SxE kepada semua yang masih baru dengan perkara ini. Saya berbangga dengan kebanggan beliau dalam dunia Straight Edge ini. Dan saya akan berjuang bermati matian dalam dunia Straight Edge ini sehingga saya menghembuskan nafas saya yang terakhir.